Grant Review Revision Recommendations

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DFMC Grant Review Recommendations

Grant Review Panel

For Grant Applications, Scoring and Funding:

  1. Minimum Scoring Threshold of 80 for funding consideration
  1. Board Develop Priorities for Funding by Category (each year)
  1. 3 – 5 Years of Successive Funding (by category) with 1-2 year hiatus between
  1. Review $20,000 Recommended Limit for Proposals
  1. Add the following (or similar) to grant budget – What is the minimum amount you could receive and how would it affect your organizations ability to successfully meet your stated objectives?


For Review Team Preparation:

  1. Review team meeting prior to or at time of distribution (categorize)
  1. Review previous scoring to determine reviewers pattern(s)
  1. Provide clear definitions of funding categories
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