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To all potential applicants:

Drug Free Marion County is making significant changes to our 2020 Drug Free Community Fund grant solicitation and approval process. These changes are designed to both increase the number of applications and improve the general quality of proposals received.

Here are the primary changes we are implementing this year:

  1. Three years ago, we began a new policy that no organization can receive more than three (3) consecutive years of funding for program or project. This means that more opportunities will exist for new applicants to receive grants beginning this year.
  2. We will be offering technical assistance to applicants through multiple free training and Q & A sessions. These will be announced during upcoming Bidders’ Conference.
  3. We are requesting that anyone planning to submit a 2020 proposal submit a Letter of Intent or LOI. The LOI is attached to this email with instructions for submission. An LOI is not required to receive funding, but is strongly recommended.

We will be announcing the date, time and location of our Bidders’ Conference in the next few weeks. This will be through our website, Facebook page, Charitable Advisors newsletter and directly to everyone receiving this communication.

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