• Michaelangelo McClendon
    Michaelangelo McClendon Executive Director

    Michaelangelo is the Executive Director of Drug Free Marion County. Michaelangelo brings a passion for community engagement and partnerships with years of experience working in substance abuse and misuse, prevention and various other fields. Michaelangelo has experience both working directly in leadership and oversight roles, including work with FSSA/DMHA and SAMHSA, respectively.

  • Demeada Williams
    Demeada Williams LCC Assistant Coordinator

    Demeada Williams was recently hired as our Local Coordinating Council (LCC): Assistant Coordinator for Drug Free Marion County. Demeada has an extensive background in Substance Abuse prevention and treatment. Before coming to Drug Free Marion County Demeada worked as an Addiction and Mental Health Therapist. Demeada brings with her, a wealth of knowledge and experience to help forward the mission of Drug Free Marion County.

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