• Gayle Turner
    Gayle Turner Legal Analyst
  • Dan Castillo
    Dan Castillo Track Group Correctional Solutions
  • Jennifer Cianelli
    Jennifer Cianelli Eskenazi Health
  • Jim Snyder
    Jim Snyder Vice-President

    Marion Superior Court

  • Mark Mader
    Mark Mader
  • Byron Reynolds
    Byron Reynolds

    Marion County Public Health Dept

  • Jennifer Harrison
    Jennifer Harrison
  • Cynthia Oda
    Cynthia Oda

    ODA Enterprises Inc.

  • Shaunestte Terrell
    Shaunestte Terrell Board President

    Indiana Prosecuting Attorney’s Council

  • Bob Holt
    Bob Holt

    Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

  • Dean Babcock
    Dean Babcock

    Midtown Community Mental Health Center

  • Anna Hail
    Anna Hail Secretary

    Ryan White Planning Council

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